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Specialty Pharma in the perioperative area

We are proactively engaged in R&D and sales promotional activities for perioperative drugs. Our emphasis is placed on improving the quality of life (QOL) of patients who undergo medical operations by helping to ease their pain caused by invasive treatment and pain associated with disease.

The general inhalational anesthetic SEVOFRANE®, the mainstay in our product line-up for this area, has been marketed in over 100 countries worldwide since its FDA approval in 1995.

Specialty Pharma in the disinfectants/antiseptics area

Disinfectants and antiseptics play a vital role in keeping the hospital clean and safe. Maruishi, well known as a leader in this area in Japan, has a vast array of disinfectants/antiseptics with broad-spectrum antimicrobial activities covering high to low levels of disinfections. In addition to our contribution to society with such wide-ranging product line-up, we have been proactively engaged in providing our customers with useful information on the prevention of hospital-acquired infections. Our challenges for R&D activities are endless. We have been tirelessly tackling research and development of new and innovative disinfectants and antiseptics.

WELPAS® Antiseptic Solution for Hand 0.2%, pioneered as an alcohol lotion-based hand antiseptic, appeals to many customers for its unique groundbreaking hand antiseptic method. It is now widely used in medical institutions.

Leading company of essential drugs listed in Japanese Pharmacopoeia (JP)

Since its foundation in 1888, Maruishi, as a leading company of essential drugs, has been dedicated to the delivery of high-quality products to our customers, while striving to expand its market share.