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1888 Maruishi Firm founded in Awajimachi, Higashi-ku, Osaka.
1908 Temma Plant constructed in Kita-ku, Osaka, reorganizing into Maruishi Pharmaceutical unlimited partnership.
1936 Reorganized as a stock company (capital: \250,000), using the current name Maruishi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
1943 Imazu Plant constructed in Imazucho, Joto-ku, Osaka (present location).
1962 Head office relocated to Fushimimachi, Higashi-ku, Osaka.
1978 STERIHYDE® (disinfectant: glutaral preparation) launched.
1983 Construction of Central Research Laboratories completed.
1985 WELPAS® (disinfectant: alcohol-based hand rub) launched.
1990 SEVOFRANE® (inhalation: general anesthetic) launched.
1992 Capital increased to \285,000,000.
1993 Annex of Central Research Laboratories constructed.
1995 SEVOFLURANE approved from the US food and Drug Administration.
1997 Meguro Institute Co, Ltd. became a subsidiary.
1998 New head office building constructed in Imazu, Tsurumi-ku, Osaka.
2003 Organizational changes implemented.
2004 PRECEDEX® (sedative: alpha-2 adrenergic agonists) launched.
2008 POPSCAINE® (long-acting local anesthetic) launched.
2010 WELCEPT® (disinfectant: alcohol-based hand rub) launched.
2011 WELFOAM® (disinfectant: foaming alcohol-based hand rub) launched.
2012 Corporate domicile changed to Imazu, Tsurumi-ku, Osaka.
2014 Warehouse for specific drugs at Imazu Plant constructed.
2022 Transferred Meguro Institute Co., Ltd. to Teijin Limited.
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