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The mission of Maruishi Pharmaceutical is to develop and supply excellent medicines and its existence value as an enterprise resides in making a contribution to the health and welfare of people. Among other things, Maruishi's objective is to make a contribution in its field of expertise and as a specialty pharma towards the development of medical care.

Moreover, we at Maruishi are required to act, appreciating the raison d'etre of our company in society as a life-related enterprise and as individuals working therein, with a strong sense of ethical value, as well as complying with all laws and regulations.

Therefore, we hereby establish this Charter of Corporate Behavior and pledge to act in the spirit of this document:

  1. Through the steady management of the Company, we will strive to secure a sound profit.
  2. We will perform business operations observing various laws and regulations and with a strong sense of ethical value, and carry out fair and appropriate transactions.
  3. In respect to clinical studies, we will respect the human rights of subjects and strive to secure their safety. In respect to animal experimentation, we will heed animal welfare. In applying for approval to manufacture and market medicines, we will carry out the appropriate handling of data based on relevant laws and regulations, internal company rules and scientific appropriateness.
  4. In order to secure the appropriate use of our medicines, we will promptly collect, examine and provide information regarding quality, safety and efficacy.
  5. We will regard and protect personal information and customer data and will treat them in an appropriate manner.
  6. We will refrain from any unjust infringement of intellectual property rights.
  7. We will strive to actively disclose information to our stakeholders including business counterparts, shareholders and the local community.
  8. We will perform business activities which are mindful of the global environment.
  9. We will respect human rights and the individuality of people and will refrain from any unwarranted discrimination.
  10. We will take a resolute attitude towards anti-social forces and organizations which pose a threat to the order and security of society
  11. In conducting international business operations, we will act in line with the effect of this Charter and will respect local customs and cultures.
  12. We will secure complete and thorough awareness of this Charter within our company and group companies. We will also strive to make our business counterparts fully aware of the effect of this Charter.
  13. In the event we find a violation of this Charter, top management themselves will promptly resolve the issue, investigate the cause of infringement, and, at the same time, strive to prevent recurrence of a similar violation in the future.


Established: May 12, 2005

Revised: April 1, 2012