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The mission of Maruishi Pharmaceutical Company is to make a contribution to development of medical care by and through its research, development, production and sale of excellent drugs, and thereby to make contribution to health and welfare of people.

For this purpose, we at Maruishi take cognizance of raison d'etre of Maruishi as a life-relate enterprise, and as persons working there, we pledge that to act, both within and outside Japan, based on the following principles with a high level of ethics, as well as complying with relevant laws, international-rules and the spirit thereof.

  1. Through the steady management of the Company, we will strive to secure a sound profit, and we will tackle with research and development of new drugs which will continuously contribute to improve medical care.  And we will supply high quality medicine which are excellent in efficacy and safety at a possibly earliest opportunity and also on a stable supply basis.
  2. In respect to clinical studies, we will respect the human rights of subjects and strive to secure their safety and we will do so with scientific strictness.  In respect to animal experiment, we will heed animal welfare.  In applying for approval to manufacture and market medicines, we will handle data appropriately pursuant to relevant laws and regulations, internal company rules and scientific appropriateness.
  3. In order to promote the appropriate use of our medicines, we will provide accurately the information which concerns quality, efficacy and safety and which is supported scientifically in Japan and outside Japan.  Promptly after manufacture and sale of medicines, we will conduct, collection, evaluation and provision of the information.
  4. We will attempt to do faithful communication with medical professional, patients and others and will try to obtain their satisfaction and reliance.
  5. We will conduct fair and appropriate transactions and will carry out responsible procurement.  Also, we will keep healthy relationship with medical professionals, political branch and administrative branch.
  6. We will give our full attention to protection of personal information and customer information and we will take through measures for the information management.
  7. We will endeavor to disclose our corporate information in a timely and fair manner and will do constructive dialogues with our stakeholders such as our clients, shareholders and local communities.  Through those, we will increase our corporate value.
  8. We recognize that efforts on environmental problems are common issue for all humanity and that they are essential requirement for activities and continuation of business companies.  Therefore we will do our business activities which are mindful of global environment.
  9. We will carry out management that respects human right of all people and, at the same time, we will realize a working way that respects diversity, personality and individuality of employees, and we will refrain any unwarranted discrimination.  We will also realize work environments that are rewarding and considerate of health and safety.  And we will do uplifting ethics of employees and improving their qualities.
  10. We will actively participate in the society as "good corporate citizens" and will contribute to the development thereof.
  11. Against anti-social forces and organizations that pose a threat to order and safety of the society, we will respond to come in a resolute position, and in preparation that such force and organizations, terrorism, cyber-attacks, natural disasters, pandemics and others, we will thoroughly carry out the organizational crisis management.
  12. We will refrain from any unjust infringement of intellectual properties.
  13. In conducting international business operations, we will act in line with the effect of this Charter and will respect local customs and cultures.
  14. The management executives will endeavor to secure complete and thorough awareness of this Charter within our company and group companies, we will also strive to make our business counterparts fully aware of the effect of this Charter.  And also grasp voices of inside and outside company thereby will establish effective governance.
  15. In the event we find a violation of this Charter, top management themselves will promptly resolve the issue, investigate the cause of infringement, and, at the same time, strive to prevent recurrence of a similar violation in the future.


Established: May 12, 2005

Revised: September 9, 2020

President and Representative Director
Katsuhito Inoue