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The Board of Directors makes decisions on business execution, including the general meeting of shareholders. The top of the organization is the chairman and president, and the corporate governance is controlled in the business development department and president office. There are eight departments directly under the chairman and president. The first Human Resources and General Affairs Division is divided into the Human Resources and General Affairs Department and the Legal Department. The second management finance department has no subordinate organizations. The third sales headquarters is divided into East Japan Branch, West Japan Branch, Distribution Management Department, Marketing Department, and Academic Information Department. The fourth business headquarters is divided into the Specialty Drugs Department, Purchasing Department and Supply Chain Management Department. The fifth research headquarters is divided into the Research Planning Department and the Pharmaceutical Research Department. The sixth development headquarters is divided into a medical department and a clinical development department. The seventh production headquarters is divided into Imazu factory, Gifu factory, and distribution center. The Imazu factory also has a production department and a quality department. The eighth Reliability Headquarters is divided into the Pharmaceutical System Department, Quality Assurance Department, Safety Information Department, and Reliability Assurance Department.