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About cookies

Some pages on our website use a technology called "cookies" to improve your experience. These cookies are not harmful to your computer and do not contain viruses. Cookies help make our website more user-friendly, efficient and safe for visitors. Cookies are small text files that are saved by your browser and stored on your computer.

The cookies used on our website are called session cookies and persistent cookies. A session cookie is a cookie that is temporarily recorded and is stored on your device only while you are browsing our website. A persistent cookie, on the other hand, remains on your device after you have finished browsing our website and will remain on your device until it expires or you delete it yourself. The expiration date varies for each cookie. These cookies allow us to recognize you when you visit our website again.

Cookies are necessary to enable electronic communication and to provide the desired functionality of the visitor and are stored in accordance with Article 6(1)(f) of the GDPR (EU General Data Protection Regulation). Website operators have a legitimate interest in the storage of cookies in order to eliminate technical errors and ensure optimal service provision.

Deactivation of cookies

You can refuse to accept or reject the receipt of cookies by operating your browser. You can set your browser so that the use of cookies is notified to you in order to decide on a case-by-case basis whether to accept or reject the receipt of cookies. You can also set your browser to automatically accept or always refuse to accept cookies in certain cases, or to delete cookies when you close your browser. Due to the limited functionality of cookies, you may not be able to take advantage of certain features of our website.